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Lifestyle sessions for beating stress and feeling great!

A range of life changing courses designed to help you enjoy stressful times

Throughout the year, a fantastic range of Recipe courses are held at venues in the West Midlands. These classes are designed to help you tackle stressful periods in life and introduce you to the effective use of alternative therapies. Every year, people can not avoid busy and often stressful times such as Summer holidays and Christmas. Our Recipe courses include all the information you need to feel great and look fantastic as you enjoy the holiday period with a smile on your face! The sessions are designed to help you start considering what lies ahead so that you can plan and prepare to enjoy the time ahead. We will help you set up strategies that are suitable for you and your needs so that you can really enjoy your life in a stress free way.

The Recipe courses are listed below.

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Recipe for Success Wellness Sessions with Cath Lloyd in Dudley 2017


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You can view of of our upcoming courses and life coaching session on the booking page The Recipe for Success sessions take place at various locations throughout the year and are regularly repeated. Please contact us if the course you would like to attend is not available for booking, we are happy to discuss your requirements.


Cath Lloyd

Cath Lloyd specialises in life change coaching, training and support to manage the life you have, gain the strength to change what you no longer desire and be the person you always wanted to be. Contact Cath today to find out more about how her coaching techniques can help you be happier, be less affected by stress or fears, and live your life to the fullest, achieving all you ever wanted to achieve.

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