‘Cath’s sessions helped me to stay motivated with my goals and kept me progressing with tasks that I would otherwise be procrastinating over. I’ve had a lot of support from Cath. Her positive attitude and belief that I can achieve my goals allowed me to build self confidence around these goals. She really listened to me and often surprised me with interesting questions and exercises. She also helped me to map out what was important for me at the time when I was struggling with my priorities. I’m still using this to see which areas of my life need more attention. While being coached by Cath I managed to accomplish quite a significant goal – finish my coaching diploma – so that was a big success. Without her help it would have taken me much longer to accomplish. I’ve liked her pace and attention to detail. I would recommend Cath to anyone who would want to stay motivated on achieving their goals.’

Amala Grzelbalska

‘Coaching for Life’ was a once a week programme run by Cath Lloyd, to help us realise the bigger picture. By taking other peoples opinions and views into consideration and to think more positively. Although we are prisoners, whilst in the group we were seen as individuals rather than offenders which made us feel at total ease, so we can have open and frank discussions. The following quotations are what the group have said about the sessions they have attended;
“It has helped me understand how to see what achievements are realistic to me.”
“I am learning how to overcome obstacles and fears.”
“It has given me greater confidence and will have an improved desire to try new things.”
“I have a more positive way of thinking.”
“I am learning how to improve my listening skills.”
“I am learning to ask questions that will help others to help themselves and look for their own answers.”

The long term benefit of this course will help us to help ourselves but also to help others. To look at life in a more positive light rather than only seeing the negative, to learn specific benefits to us and others and improve thinking skills to make changes as well as teach making changes to others. As prisoners we can use these skills to support not only other prisoners but also our families and friends, to make different choices, have a better picture to see how these choices affect others; our friends, family, neighbours besides ourselves.,

Coaching for Life Programme at HM Prisons

Whilst in prison I have been attending the Coaching for Life with Cath. When I was angry I would do stupid things by getting into fights and not thinking about the consequences, which meant I was on a Violent Reduction Plan. Cath gave me an exercise to complete that made me think about what I was and was not in control of. When looking at what I felt I was not in control of, Cath asked me a variety of questions to find out what made me feel that way and the consequence of these actions. I was then asked to think about different ways that might help me control my anger.
I have now used my system of controlling my anger several times. With Cath’s coaching skills and support I have now realised the consequences of not being able to control my anger, have been able to stay out of fights, been taken off the Violent Reduction Plan and have had my application for Open Jail passed. I am now waiting to continue my sentence in open conditions and feel confident about my new skills.

22 year old male

I recently completed the Effective Thinking course with Cath. I decided to take part because I realised that bad decision making resulted in me spending a large proportion of my life in prison and believe a large percentage of prisoners’ aid themselves into this position. I took the course in order to rectify that and reinforce some important principles of decision making which I seemed to have forgotten.
I have learnt that thinking of the consequences and the effect my potential decisions may have will lead to a better outcome. I have also learnt that prioritising, planning and using different strategies will serve me well from now on. Setting goals and targets, being non-judgemental were also important issues we discussed and have taken on board. Conditioning myself to think and behave a certain way, living life on life’s terms and pacing myself to achieve realistic goals in realistic timescales without sacrificing core values are important skills I have gained to use in my life.

45 Year old Male

“Cath has helped me to “focus on certain areas of my life. I have been struggling to come to terms with recently.”

Michael 45 years of age, Electrical Engineer

“Cath helped me manage the stress levels through positive affirmations, that work! And that had an impact on my happiness levels, health and other important aspects of my life. This enabled me to move quickly to evaluate situations/choices based on what really mattered and she helped me eliminate unnecessary ‘pictures/images’. Cath touched my heart and made my souls smile with her encouragement.”

Nella 46 years of age, Unemployed

“She has helped me to set goals and targets and to ask myself what I really wanted from my work life, so I could compare current and future opportunities, enabling me to make a final decision best suited to me.”

Rob 40 years of age, Instructional Officer

“I was aware that retirement would be a big change and had planned what I would like to do. I was apprehensive about how my plans would work out. Working with Cath, I was encouraged to decide what I really wanted to do and step by step achieve my goals.”

Dave 60 years of age, Retired

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