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“When My Dad Became Joan: Living With My Transgender Father” is an exciting and anticipated new book from Catherine Lloyd.

When My Dad Became Joan: Living with my Transgender Father

Release date: Christmas 2017

Publication type: Paperback and Kindle

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I was living a ‘normal’ life until one day I was told something that changed my perspective and raised questions about the relationships and personal fulfillment that my family life was bringing. I found that I was unhappy, even though things were ‘normal’, and I wondered why. Join me, Cath Lloyd, as I present the questions that many of us ask and show you how we can all be happy living with our own normal.



This book is a very open and honest account about finding your way to be heard so that you can make sense of the confusion in your head, re-adjust your ‘normal’ and continue with your life. It demonstrates that what you appear to be seeing on the outside does not necessarily harmonise with what is churning away on the inside.

Some families are able to re-adjust their ‘normal’ together but others need to change their ‘normal’ to such an extent that they have to go their separate ways. We all reason and manipulate our thought processes in different ways, then build strategies that support our beliefs and values so that we can continue with live to be as near ‘normal’ as we can make it.


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Catherine Lloyd

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To be published in May 2017

Paperback and Kindle




“Cath helped me manage the stress levels through positive affirmations, that work! And that had an impact on my happiness levels, health and other important aspects of my life. This enabled me to move quickly to evaluate situations/choices based on what really mattered and she helped me eliminate unnecessary ‘pictures/images’. Cath touched my heart and made my soul smile with her encouragement.”

Nella, 46 years of age, Unemployed


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