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Help Your Unheard Self Be Heard

How often do you really hear what you’re saying to yourself? Have you ever thought about helping your unheard self be hear? “I can hear myself just fine thank you.  I hear myself all day long chattering away to myself in the background.”   You may be hearing this chatter in the background but are …

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Organising The Chaos Of Stress

Oganising the chaos of stress is a fabulous skill to have but does this come from nature or nurture?  Life can be running along smoothly, everything is under control and your managing life beautifully, organising the little bits of chaos easily one at a time.  Then suddenly, WHAM, something unexpected happens.  But, it’s okay, you’re …

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Opening The Doors To Your Emotions

In my last blog post, I talked about how emotions are formed and how we can connect with them. There are always going to be times when our emotions are triggered quite unexpectedly and the only way to manage them is to let them flow. Some people are afraid to allow themselves this emotional freedom …

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