Category: Peer Pressure

My Thoughts onTrust

My Thoughts on Trust I haven’t really thought too much about the meaning of trust until it came up in a class I was teaching recently.  Some of the learners where stating: “You can’t trust anyone.” “They will bleed you dry of your ideas, then use them for themselves.” “They don’t really want to help …

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Floods and High Tidal Waters

Floods and High Tidal Waters If you have been following the ‘Top 10 Tips on How to Survive the Uni. Tour With Your Daughter’ then you will probably be at the same stage as we are in our household with UCAS applications in, offers being given, interviews and decisions on which offers to accept. If …

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Is Breast Best?

Is Breast Best? When preparing for the birth of your baby there are so many things to think about and so many questions to be answered; Do you want a boy or a girl? Is your birth plan ready? What colour will the nursery be? What about names? As well as keeping a check on …

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