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Organising The Chaos Of Stress

Oganising the chaos of stress is a fabulous skill to have but does this come from nature or nurture?  Life can be running along smoothly, everything is under control and your managing life beautifully, organising the little bits of chaos easily one at a time.  Then suddenly, WHAM, something unexpected happens.  But, it’s okay, you’re …

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Emotions… …are great to have when you feel in control but can be hard to handle when we aren’t managing them as well as we would have liked. The thing is, emotions let us know what is important to us and triggers our behaviours. As we grow up we build a huge bank of emotions …

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The Breathing Secret

Breathing? What’s so secret about that, you might be thinking, I do it automatically? Yes, we do, and as you know, our breathing alters when we’re asleep and during exercise.  Our breathing also alters when we are anxious, frightened, excited and during periods of concentration. At the end of an intense concentration period we will feel …

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