Keeping The ‘oo’ in Cool.

As I was driving about yesterday with travel reports of numerous accidents and motorways in grid lock it reminded me how difficult the Great British public manage in extreme weather Keeping the 'OO' in coolconditions. Keeping the ‘OO’ in cool with temperatures in the high twenties and thirties plus the humidity can also create humid and steamy atmospheres in our relationships. Whether at work or at home going about our daily regime can be exhausting, which means we can be irritable more easily. It’s quite simple. Our bodies just aren’t used to these sorts of temperatures and even though we love this weather, we will find it difficult to adjust, getting more irritable and perhaps saying and doing things we wouldn’t normally.

Keeping the ‘OO’ in cool may be logical but when we are trying to meet the demands of the day with poor sleep patterns it can be hard to remember the basics of how to keep your cool.

Top 10 basics for keeping cool
1. Keep a good supply of cold drinks nearby and drink regularly. Load the fridge up with bottles of water, juice or squash. Make up some lollies with fruit juice to refresh yourself after your slow and stressful journey home from work or the school run.
2. Wear loose, light coloured clothing to let the air circulate and reflect the light.
3. Keep your home cool by shutting the curtains to keep the sun out, open all the windows when you get home to create a through breeze. Dig out the fans and get them going when you get home so that your bedrooms are cooler for sleeping in.
4. As much as you might like the sun try and keep out of it between 11.00 and 3.00 when it is at its most powerful.
5. Try to exercise at the cooler times of the day or tailor it so you don’t make yourself ill. A little less exercise is better than no exercise at all.
6. Take the pressure off by removing the non-essential jobs from your to-do list.
7. Give yourself a little more extra time to get organised. If you’re running late phone or message ahead. I’m sure they will understand if you explain and apologise.
8. Take a breather especially when you’re feeling irritable. Saying or doing something you don’t mean is irreversible. Don’t be in a position where you regret that impulsive action or cross word.
9. Take a cool shower when you get up and before you go to bed to refresh yourself and cool your body temperature down.
10. Make sure you get your rest and relaxation. Sleeping in this hot weather can be difficult. Going to bed a little earlier and relaxing by reading a book or listening to some soothing music will help you unwind and settle you mind.
Making the most of this glorious weather is good for the mind, body and soul. We all know that in a few months, the days will be short, the weather cool and we will be longing for the sunshine again, with complaints that we never have good weather.

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