Help Your Unheard Self Be Heard

Help Your Unheard Self Be Heard

How often do you really hear what you’re saying to yourself? Have you ever thought about helping your unheard self be hear?

“I can hear myself just fine thank you.  I hear myself all day long chattering away to myself in the background.”


You may be hearing this chatter in the background but are you really listening to it, understanding it and using it to help you move away from the feelings and emotions you don’t want to be experiencing any longer?

So many of us ignore what our chatter is saying and don’t really notice our feelings sliding off the happiness scale to something less bright, murky or even dark?

I was reading only today in the latest Samaritans autumn newsletter that,

“In the UK and Ireland during 2009 – 2013 almost a quarter of women who died between six weeks and one year after pregnancy died from mental –health related causes.”  This is a frightening and tragic statistic, to think that these Mother’s felt that there was no other way and leaving behind those children with no Mother.

A recent client of mine, Rachel is going through a terrible bout of illness.  The Dr’s can’t find the cause of the problem and has already had eight weeks of work due to this illness.  Rachel was explaining to me that she is usually a very positive person, able to keep herself up beat, motivated and out of the doldrums.  Her health has slowly been improving but she described her state of mind as very low and she was really struggling to stay positive.  As we discussed her health and how she usually supports her positive thought processes she suddenly realised the problem.  Rachel was having to keep a symptom diary, recording throughout the day and night what she was experiencing and how long for. As a Practice Nurse these notes were being recorded religiously and accurately.  For several weeks she had been focusing on the negative aspects of her health which was now causing her mental health to decline dramatically.  Now she had found the cause of her negative feelings and the struggle to keep her usual upbeat character, she now needed to start reversing the process and start focusing on the positive things in her life.

Working together we came up with a series of exercises to support the growth of her positive feelings so she could start really feeling like her usual self again.  To form, Rachel started these religiously that  night and when I saw her a few days later she was able to show me how she was working the symptom chart and her positive focus exercises together.  Very quickly Rachel noticed the different and two weeks later she is still doing these exercises.  Her health is generally moving in an upward direction but she is a lot more patient with herself, celebrating the good things that have happened during the day and the fact she is improving day by day.  Rachel admits she is still frustrated that she can’t get back to work but is now taking positive action to get a second opinion and the more she focuses on the positive the more she notices other positive aspects in her life.


If you’re struggling to make sense of those difficult, unhelpful feelings then stop and really listen to yourself, look at what is going on in your life and ask yourself’

“Is this helpful to me?


“What can I do differently?”


Catherine Lloyd is a lifestyle change and stress relief expert who specialising in helping the unheard be heard so they can make the change from stress to success.   Catherine is hosting a fun, educational and inspirational Stress Relief Awareness Day event on Sunday 20th November in the West Midlands.  If you want to learn more about how you can combat your anxiety and stress levels with a holistic approach then go to to book your place and start helping your unheard be heard.

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