Cath Lloyd

In the Beginning…

My original journey in life was to make and sell hand built ceramics to Craft Council Galleries and become world famous. When I finished my degree in ceramics with glass my parents were very keen on me to continue my education and complete a PGCE but I was extremely adamant that “I don’t want to be a teacher”. I loved the texture and feel of the clay on my hands, the creativity, the surprise of opening the kiln after the firing to see what magic had happened during the heat and chemical exchange.   That’s all I wanted to do.  However, it became apparent very quickly that I needed to support this dream, so, I took on some adult education teaching in ceramics.  What I didn’t bank on was how much I would enjoy helping, supporting and teaching people; to pass on my knowledge and my expertise to others.I came into being a stress management coach and consultant after 20 years of teaching in the adult education sector. As an art and design teacher, a lot of my time was spent listening and talking with my learners about their families, relationships, careers, their aspirations and dreams. Having the opportunity to work with people on their personal development has been a natural progression for me. To help them celebrate their strengths, recognise their weaknesses, supporting and motivating them to begin to turn their weaknesses and barriers around through goal setting and planning. I moved from college into offender learning with general art and design and finally into teaching social and life skills courses – Parent Craft, Family Relationships, Healthy Living, Effective Thinking Skills, Mentoring and Team Leading.

What About Now?

Combining my teaching with stress management coaching has given me a fascinating and privileged insight into how individuals travel through their journey of life. It has also given me the opportunity to see how choices affect these journeys and to work with individuals and couples to look at positive changes that can be made to develop confidence and self-esteem; to make changes to their lives to fulfil their dreams and aspirations that sit comfortably with their values in life.

My interests revolve around people; what they think, feel and what they do with these thoughts and feelings.



My Personal Aims In Life

I pride myself in being a down to earth person who has had similar ups and downs in life to thousands of other people.  I have experienced changes in career, the heart wrenching difficulties with relationships, bringing up children, managing the bereavement of loved ones and pets and the constant juggling of work life balance.  What I have learnt along the way is to keep going, persist, enjoy and cherish what is good, reflect and evaluate.  Learning how to improve what isn’t going so well by talking and taking advice from people who know; to keep working on the things that are troubling me to get sustainable results.  Over time I have also realised that being able to forgive and be flexible without undermining my own needs and goals are an important quality to possess.  Most importantly, however, to keep a grounded check on my strengths, what I like doing, where I can develop my weaknesses are vital to my happiness in life.

Cath Lloyd works with a team of complimentary therapy experts who collaborate on several projects throughout the year. Her own skills with stress management and life change therapies come highly recommended and are proven to be successful techniques in a number of situations. Cath is equipped with the knowledge that can help you to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, and phobias, naturally and efficiently.


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