We all have times in our lives when we feel we can’t control our nerves, anxiety or other emotions. 10 Minutes to Calm is a really easy but effective tool to use to help you reach the calmness you deserve so that you can continue your day in an efficient and effective way.

10 Minutes to Calm Stress Free with Cath Lloyd


  • Relax
  • Take in the experience
  • Feel the difference immediately
  • A free tool to help control nerves, anxiety, and emotions
  • Just one of the many successful techniques YOU can learn

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10 Minutes to Calm is just one of the many simple techniques that you can learn to develop your understanding of your stress levels and help you to manage it more effectively. Stress comes in all shapes, sizes and intensities with no one person’s stress being the same as another. The more you understand yourself the better the position you in are in to be able to start adjusting your life to get the control back. If you are struggling to understand the stress that you’re feeling and you want to gain the control back into your life then Cath Lloyd: Make the Change can help you to:

  • Know your triggers
  • Keep tabs on your feelings
  • Be honest with yourself about your feelings
  • Gather up a great tool kit of strategies
  • Kick them into action when you can feel yourself going off track
  • Make small changes to your lifestyle to make life better for yourself
  • Go and seek help if you continue to struggle


If you want to develop a better understanding of your own difficult feelings there is a variety of different support structures available from Cath Lloyd:

Stress Relief Awareness Days
Recipe to Success From The Inside Out
Mood management classes with essential oils
One to one lifestyle change and stress relief coaching

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